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Website Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for small business owners by Kimbell Consulting

Let's face it. Just about anybody can create a basic web presence these days. However, only a few have turned their websites into a solid marketing tool or a money-maker. No longer can you simply upload a glorified version of your business card, submit your site to a few search engines, and expect results.

Every business, large and small, has got to have a website if they wish to be competitive in today's internet savvy world.  But, what's the point of having a beautifully designed website that you've either labored over, (or have paid serious money for), if nobody can find it?

At Kimbell Consulting we don't design websites, although we have a special program to help you locate a web designer that will fit your specific needs.  We leave the design work to those with years of practical graphics, design, and layout experience.

What' the point of having a beautifully designed website if nobody can find it?

What we do here is work with you and your website designer on the CONTENT of your site.  Did you know that the first words to appear on your site are the most important in terms of Search Engine Optimization?  Did you know that 10 quality links to your site are far more valuable than 100 irrelevant ones?  Did you know that the TEXT on your website is more important in terms of search engine positioning than links, meta-tags, and layout combined?

Owner and CEO Steve Kimbell has been marketing websites for many years, and has significantly increased traffic and revenues for many area small businesses.  By being a small company ourselves, we are able to devote a personal approach towards helping you realize significantly more traffic than those larger mega-companies with dozens of employees.

We host a series of seminars throughout the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area showing small and mid-sized business owners how YOU can do much of the work of getting your website up to a #1 ranking on the major search engines.  As a result of being in the wedding industry for may years, Steve has put together a special program specifically designed for wedding professionals looking to enhance and improve their website marketing. 

If your organization is in need of a speaker for a meeting or conference, custom programs are put together to meet your specific needs.  Most speaker services offer a standard program that doesn't always take into consideration the specifics of the audience demographics.

Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how Kimbell Consulting can help YOUR business.

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