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Finding The Right Web Designer For Your Company's Needs

We have mentioned that Kimbell Consulting does not design web sites.  However, we offer a service that provides reassurance as you seek an individual or company to design (or redesign) your website.

Let Us Do The Site Analysis  

The most cost effective program we offer is one where you identify up to five different companies or individuals that you feel you might be interested in working with for your design work.

We will them do an analysis of these companies' work in terms of how well they are optimized for search engines, the techniques they use to achieve optimal results, the overall ranking of their clients' websites on Google, and any other items or issues we feel you should be aware of, positive or negative, that you should take into consideration before awarding the contract.

How Much Does This Cost?

We charge $65 for an analysis of up to five companies. You don't HAVE to submit five, but this is what is included in the basic service.  Additional companies can be researched for $20 per company or individual.

What Do I Have To Provide?

All you have to provide us with is the name of the company or the individual designer, their contact phone number or e-mail address, and their website address, (assuming they have one).

What Do I Get?

Within five business days you will receive a written appraisal of the various companies you submit to us.  Our analysis explores the following areas:

  • Almost all web designers have a "portfolio" of companies or individuals they have designed websites for.  We visit these portfolio sites as well as the company's own website.
  • We examine the Google "PageRank" score for their clients, and analyze how easily these sites are found using Google, MSN Search, and Yahoo Search and a series of logical keywords that should return high rankings for those sites.
  • We check to see if they have used any questionable SEO techniques such as cloaked text, keyword stuffing, or other "black hat" techniques in designing the sites 
  • We evaluate the design layout to see if it works effectively for the particular site. Is it easy to navigate, can information be found easily, and have they included any useful features like a site specific search engine or sitemap

While we do not typically comment on aesthetical aspects, (pretty pictures, pleasing color schemes, etc), if a site is in our opinion exceptionally attractive (or unattractive as the case may be), we will include these comments as well under a separate section of the report.  

Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we try to focus on quantifiable data to formulate our report.

In some cases we may well find that all of your selected prospects are worthy developers.  We may or may not decide to make a recommendation of a single company or designer.  Rather, we will present the pros and cons of each, allowing you to make the final call.

In addition to the written hard copy of the report you will also receive this same report in an e-mail format with links to any particular examples of excellent or suspect pages so you can see for yourself the issues we are pleased with or concerned about.

Ethical Matters

Kimbell Consulting designs our own website.  We do not have contractual arrangements with any other web designer or web design company.  We neither solicit nor accept any compensation, kickback, payment, or incentive from any company or individual that might influence our reporting.

You can be assured of an accurate and unbiased report based upon a concrete set of parameters used to make an evaluation, (which is why we try and refrain from commenting too heavily on aesthetical maters...they are too subjective).

We're just too honest to do things any other way.

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