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Speaker Services from Kimbell Consulting

Picture it...your organization's members are coming out of the meeting and can't wait to get back home or to the office to try out the dozens of tips and suggestions they've just  received.

Best of all, most of them aren't going to cost them a thing.  The right submissions, the right tweaks to their existing websites, and in a short time the traffic to their web sites will be doubled, tripled, or more.

Program Topics

We can put together a myriad of programs of varying lengths covering any or all of the following categories to varying degrees of detail:

  • General Web Site Marketing Concepts
  • General Search Engine Optimization techniques (SEO)
  • How Search Engines Work
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns
  • Successful Newsletter Marketing
  • Using Site Statistics to Measure Site Success
  • Link popularity campaign
  • The Ins & Outs of Google 
  • Trade Shows & How to Work "The List"
  • Why Traditional Marketing Techniques Don't Always Work on a Website
  •  How NOT to market your website
  • The Importance of Website Usability
  • Identifying the Right Keywords For Site Success 
  • The Power of Blogging & The Impact on Site Popularity
  • Sitemaps - Why They Are So Important
  • Message Boards & Usenet Newsgroups  - Using Them Properly
  • E-mail Marketing & How To Get Through The Spam Filters - Politely

Program Length

Sessions can be as short as one hour and as long as three hours, with up to three sessions per day for longer conferences.

Who Will Benefit From Our Programs?

Our presentations are geared to small business owners and managers who must operate on a fairly strict budget and who may or may not actually publish their own websites.  We focus primarily on the beginning and moderately advanced owners who do much of the work themselves and are looking for a solid knowledgebase of information to run their company's website marketing efforts.

Fee Range

$300 - $800 per session 
+ Travel expenses outside the Maryland / Virginia / Washington DC area

Final price quote is based on length of program and number of sessions

Contact - Steve Kimbell
Phone - (301) 258-9382

Email -